Canadian Heritage Organics

All Canadian Heritage Organics pure organic maple syrup, organic maple butter and granulated organic maple sugar are our own products. They are “Certified Organic” by Ecocert Canada as well as certified Kosher by Montreal Kosher…


Karthein’s Organic

Only Karthein’s sauerkraut & kimchi are unpasteurized and contain naturally occuring digestive enzymes and beneficial probiotic bacteria…


La Chaudière

La Chaudière is proud to offer you certified organic raw milk cheeses. Our milk comes exclusively from herds of family operated farms. Our goal is to offer consumers tasty, wholesome products realized through environmentally…


Ontario Pride Eggs / Nutri-Oeuf Organic Eggs

Nutri-Oeuf is certified by the O.C.I.A. in Quebec. Hens are free and live in open air enclosures and natural daylight. They are fed organically-certified grain…


The Okanagan Organic Popcorn Company Ltd.

Made in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, the Okanagan Organic Popcorn Company is Canada’s only certified organic popcorn manufacturer. We use only premium certified organic ingredients to make our old fashioned kettle corn…


Maple 3

For four generations now, Maple 3 has harvested the best nature has to offer—a refreshing, purely delicious, and naturally sweet maple water that stimulates your metabolism and helps you recover fully after exercise. To date Maple 3 is the first and only business that has developed a sugar bush specifically for the production of pure maple water.


Organic Bulk Foods and Commodities

Our organic bulk food items are certified organic by CAAQ, Ecocert Canada and many are also certified kosher. Many organic products are regular stock items allowing for prompt turn around and delivery times. They are of various origins – Canada, USA, Europe, Asia – to assure the best quality and availability…