What can Béland Organic Foods do for Canadian manufacturers of organic products?

Our brokerage services will help you expand your market across Canada, where natural healthy and organic products are in great demand.

Brokerage Services Provided to Organic Producers and Manufacturers

Beland Organic Foods major goal is to build long-term, win-win partnerships!

  1. Establish and maintain good relationship with distributors in 3 regions of the country – Ontario, Quebec and the West. We are a nationwide distributor with contacts and a sales force that stretches from Coast to Coast.
  2. Introduce products to ALL major mass market and health retailers. We have carefully nurtured our relationships with retailers all over Canada, and while this doesn’t guarantee getting listings, it does help. Distributors cannot be relied upon to saturate the marketplace with your products.
  3. We determine together which distributor(s) in each region is the best match for your products and then present your products to the distributor(s) for you. In some cases exclusivity might be the best way to go, in other cases multiple distributors are best.
  4. Establish annual sales programs with all individual accounts – mass and health retailers. This includes checking with the retailers to make sure the sale pricing is actually happening.
  5. Set up all advertising with retailers. We help our principals make informed decisions as to the best way to spend precious marketing dollars. This can apply to mandatory flyer-ad spending with retailers as well as advertising through other vehicles read by the consumer.
  6. Provide feedback on and language translation to French and / or English on all yet to be printed packaging and POS materials. We can also help to create some POS (Point of sale) material.
  7. Put POS materials (pamphlets, posters, shelf talkers etc.) into all applicable retailers. Distributors and retailers very rarely get this involved in a product so they can’t be relied upon to do this for you.
  8. Make sure distributor is taking agreed upon margins with retailers AND is passing on all sale periods as agreed.
  9. Participation and organization at important health & food shows (both Consumer Shows as well as trade Shows.) Partcipation is not mandatory and we attempt to steer our principals to the best shows for them and away from the ones that might make less sense.Shows in Canada:


  10. Set up product demo’s as required. We can either hire a service to do this OR create our own program with our own people. We can arrange cost effective split demo’s including as many as 2 other products in a demo to 1/2 or 1/3 costs. The organization of demo’s is extremely time-consuming and we absorb most of this time.
  11. Work with the distributors towards establishing your brand. This has enormous long-term importance. Building brand recognition is the key to the long-term viability of your business.
  12. Keep eyes and ears open regarding market trends, new products, and competition. We comb all trade and consumer magazines for information that pertains to our principals and will relay anything relevant back to our principals; thus keeping them in-touch with the marketplace.
  13. Help with company direction with new products. We can “test the waters” before major investments potentially saving thousands of dollars.
  14. Help with all aspects of setting pricing – and even changing pricing when required. It is crucial to get pricing right and be realistic about it.
  15. Through our Beland Organic Foods website we get hundreds and hundreds of customer requests and queries every year. We list your product on our website, with links to your own website if requested. This is a valuable resource for both consumers and retailers alike.

This list is not conclusive, it is just a basic outline.

If you need more information about our promotional sales support programs or about our brokerage and marketing services to launch your product throughout Canada, please fill the wholesale info form or contact us at our Québec Office.