Karthein’s Organic Sauerkraut is currently available in two formats – 375 ml and 750 ml – as well as in three varieties:

“Beets & Ginger” – Helps to revitalize the heart and blood circulation. Naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes, from traditional fermentation, certified organic. Raw unpasteurized. Produced in Canada with local organic vegetables.

“Traditional” – Made with certified organic cabbage, caraway seeds, juniper berries and sea salt*. “Traditional” is a crisp delicately flavoured European style sauerkraut. This variety goes well with homemade sausages, organic meats or veggie dogs. Serve with a dark sourdough rye bread and some even darker micro-brewed beer for a simple yet deluxe Old World peasant meal. Mmmm…!

“Simple” – Made with just certified organic cabbage and sea salt*.”Simple” is exactly that – simple. No new age ingredients or strange spice here! It is amazing how complex yet subtle the flavours of something so simple can be. This versatile organic sauerkraut will go where no kraut has gone before! Try it on pizza, in burritos, or as a side dish to almost any meal.

“Carrots & Ginger” – Made with certified organic cabbage, organic carrots, organic ginger, and sea salt*. “Carrots & Ginger” is the variety that turns people from sauerkraut haters into sauerkraut addicts! (We hear more stories of late-night refrigerator raids…) This style makes a great side dish for most meals and it is hard to beat as a quick snack on its own.

*Unrefined Grey Sea Salt.