Why Are Most La Chaudière Organic Unpasteurised Milk Cheeses Lactose-Free?

La Chaudière Cheese Factory is “certified organic” by Ecocert Canada. La Chaudière manufactures organic cheeses from quality unpasteurized milk farmed in the Lac-Mégantic area of Quebec.

Lactose normally found in milk is digested during the aging process. This is achieved with the addition of a microbial enzyme and the natural bacteria present in milk. The older the cheese, the less lactose it will have.

The Mild Cheddar (aged 2 months) contains traces of lactose, whereas the other cheddars (Medium, aged 8 – 10 months), Old (aged 12 – 15 months) and Extra Old (aged 15 – 24 months) are 100% lactose-free.

La Chaudière Mild Cheddar, Swiss and Gouda are 99.5% to 99.8% lactose-free. As a result, Agriculture Canada requires La Chaudière to place on each label: “Less than 0.5% lactose.”

La Chaudière offers a healthy alternative to friends and family who love cheese and may be lactose-intolerant.